Lix is the brand name for household bleach category under Elex products.These bleaches are available in a wide range of packages ranging from 70ml to 20ltr at an friendly price for every mwananchi.These bleaches include: Chlorine bleach and Oxygen bleachThe chlorine bleaches are available in different concentrations to suit the customer demand.
This is the company’s most dynamic brand. Offers cleaning and antiseptic options to our consumers.Products that represent this brand include: Antiseptics, Sanitizers, Hand washing cream, Foam soaps, shower gel, Dispensers.The main goal of this brand is to reduce the risk of infection and stop the spread of germs.
This range constitute of product that can be used within all residential houses, factories, office and public buildings for cleaning.Products in the range include: Liquid Multi-Purpose Detergent, Car and carpet shampoos, Dishwashing soaps, Oven cleaners, Glass cleaners and crockery shine.This range also include dog shampoo for your pets.
The Ezin brand offers a wide range of quality laundry products for both hand and machine wash.Products under this category are available in powder and liquid states. They include: Super wash detergent, Plus main detergent, Fabric softener, Ionizer, Booster and Linen rust off
The Products under this category include: Disinfectants, Toilet cleaners, Air Fresheners among many more .Our wide range of disinfectants and deodorizers have become popular for use in homes, hospitals, hotels and schools across the Country and East Africa. Our Disinfectants offer antimicrobial action against microbes found on floors, counter tops, linen and food areas.
With over 10years in the market, Cerrazo is the company’s flagship brand across the region. The brand offers cleaning solution for stubborn stains found on surfaces such as tiles, marble and terrazzo floors mainly caused by hard water.Cerrazo tile cleaner is the market leader for stain removal on new and old tiles found in residential …

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Since I started using Elesept toilet cleaner 5 years ago, I have never turned back.Its the best toilet cleaning product that removes stubborn toilet stains, disinfects and leaves the toilet with a fresh smell. I confidently reccomend the product.
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