What we do


Manufacturing of Multi-purpose Cleaning Products

A special product for clearing both ceramic, terrazo and marble floors either newly laid or an old
one whose shine has been dimmed by scum/soiling. When properly applied cerrazo cleaner will
help restore the floor to the original shine. Cerrazo cleaner could be used on all ceramic & terrazzo
floors in homes, hospitals & public places


Production of Hands Washing Products

Sepit Antibacterial handwash has been specially formulated with a neutral Ph, A nice refreshing 
fragrance and well balanced ingredients friendly to all skin types to effectively clean and freshen hands
It is advised to use Sepit antibacterial handwash frequently for skin softness and the best protein 
against germs and bacteria


Production of Toilet Cleaning detergents

Elesept Disinfectant & deoderizer is a sweet smelling disinfectant detergent, which incorporates
an anti microbial that is powerful against germs, fungi and bacteria. Works well in toilets, on floors
, bathrooms, changing rooms, clock rooms etc. Effective against most resistant bacteria like
E.coli, Tricho, viride, pseud. Aeruginosa, salmonela fungi etc.

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Superior Quality of our Products

Our Products are impeccable and above reproach

Quick Turn Around Time

We have the fastest delivery timelines in Cleaning Manufacturing Industry

Incredible Cutomer Experince

Elex has been rated one of the best in quality customer service


What Our clients say?

I previously used other toilet cleaning products that I ussually see their adverts on TV, they always used a big quantity and they were expensive. When I bought Elesept Toilet Cleaner, I have never turned back.
Monicah Wambui
Someone introduced me to Cerazzo cleaning products when I was about to do my after construction cleaning. Its a superior Product
Peter Bundi
Real Estate Consultant
In our hotel in town, we always ensure our clients confortably wash their hands and are clean before and even after taking meals.
Elex products meets all our needs
Opondo. D O.
Director at Dynamic

A few of Our clients