Ezin Superwash detergent is a liquid laundry detergent. Actively removes stains on all types of linen. It lathers well in both fresh and hard water. Ezin super wash maintains the bright colours of the clothes. Can be used in both machine and hand wash as it is gentle on the hands. Well formulated to lather well in both hard water and freshwater.

Directions for Hand wash

i. Soak the Ezin Superwash detergent in warm or cold water for about 10 minutes or more in a basin and stir till it foams.
ii. Soak your laundry for 10-30minutes, wash normally and then rinse.
iii. For stubborn stains soak overnight.

Directions for Machine wash

i. Use 75ml of the Ezin Superwash for 6kg of clothes to be washed.


Hand wash: Use 2 caps for normal wash

Machine wash: use 1 cap for normal wash

Available in: 20ltrs, 5lts, 1ltr and 500ml

Available in

500ml I 1ltr I 5ltr I 20ltr


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