Sepit surface sanitizer is an effective alcohol-based sanitizer that provides a quick anti-microbial action. It is very effective against bacteria, viruses, yeast & fungi on the surfaces. Sepit Surface Sanitizer contains 80% Denatured Alcohol.

Used for sanitizing & cleaning frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, tabletops, chairs and benches, kitchen worktops, fridges, chopping boards, toys, toilet seats and mats.

Available in: 5ltr and 500ml.


i. Spray directly onto the surface and wait for about 10 minutes. For electrical equipment, spray on a soft cloth then wipe, allow it to dry.


Flammable- Keep away from direct sunlight, heat & flame.
Do not inhale or ingest.
Keep away from molded electrical switches and sockets.
Don’t mix with other detergents and bleaches.
Keep out of reach of children.

Storage: Store at room temperature in a cool dry place below 30°


Available in

500ml I 5ltrs


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