Taco Easy care floor polish is a translucent milky liquid polish emulsion which dries to an extremely hard-wearing, long-lasting shine on tiles, terrazzo, marble & quarry tiled floor.


1 liter covers approximately 3m2 in a single coat.


i. Ensure that the floor is correctly prepared. (No loose dust or dirt properly stripped or maintained.)
ii. Apply an even coat of undiluted Taco Easy care floor polish to the clean, dry floor using a suitable polish applicator or a mop.
iii. Allow to dry for 30 minutes.
iv. Apply second and third coats in opposite directions.
v. Allow 24 hours to fully dry.


1. Sweep or vacuum the floor.
2. Damp mop with Taco easy care floor maintainer 1:30 ratio
3. Spray buff only with Taco easy care floor diluted 1:10 ratio
4. Strip polish with Taco easy care floor stripper


Do not return the unused polish to the container.

Available in

1ltr I 5ltr I 20ltr


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