Elesept disinfectant contains active disinfecting compounds that kill fungi, germs and bacteria instantly, leaving the surface clean and safe. Use on floors, public toilets and other surfaces which are frequently used.

Effective against most resistant bacteria like E.coli, Trichio.Viridae,Pseudo. Aureginosa

Dilution Instructions

i. Dilute 100ml into 10 litres of clean water to disinfect homes, hospital floors and seats and dirty surfaces.
ii. Dilute 100ml into 10-15 litres of clean water to disinfect office floors, homes and other public places.


Keep the Elesept disinfectant away from children and pets.

Do not mix with bleach products or strong acids.

Available in: 20ltr and 5 ltr

Available in

5ltrs I 20ltrs I 500ml


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