Sterinet is a highly effective broad-spectrum bacteria, yeast and viruses and is a non-staining sterilant and disinfectant. Sterinet disinfectant & sterilizer is completely mixable with water and dilutable in up to 1 part to 20 parts of water.

Sterinet is specially formulated for disinfecting and sterilizing areas where total hygiene and germ kill is of utmost importance i.e. food processing tables, worktops and hospital operating theatres, equipment sterilization including air-conditioning units.

Sterinet is recommended in the following industries i.e. flower, fruits, vegetables, meat & fish, kitchens, cold rooms & food storage, hospitals, hotels, abattoir and food crates disinfection. Sterinet is effective against gram-positive and gram-negative and has a non-specific mode of action with no known organism resistance.

Directions: Spray, mop and/or wipe the cleaned pre-cleaned surfaces with the diluted solution then wait for about 5-15 minutes. For yeast & viruses e.g Asp. Niger uses higher concentration and allows up to 15 minutes.

General disinfection & sterilization of worktops, tables, walls, cold-rooms, operating theatres 1 part to 20 parts water and rinse with potable water.
Food preparation surfaces 1 part to 20 parts water and rinse with potable water.
Laundry (Linen, ward linen sluicing) 1 pat to 20parts of water.

Precaution: Keep the solution away from children. Avoid contact with the eyes, if Sterinet accidentally splashes into the eyes, flush thoroughly with clean water and seek medical attention. Keep in original containers. Do not return the used product into this container.

Do not mix with other cleaners as this might affect the antimicrobial activity.

Available in: 5ltrs.


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