Lix is strong bleaching and disinfecting liquid. Lix Chlorine bleaches 4-6% used on white linen only.  It is suited for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Contains sodium hypochlorite.


i. Floor, bathrooms, toilets.

Add 20caps (100ml) of Lix Bleach into 5litres of water. Use this solution to clean every part in the house that requires high standards of hygiene from the kitchen walls, floors, showers, counters, fridges.

ii. Operation theatres, stretchers, emergency wards, laboratories:

Add 250ml of Lix Bleach to 5litres water.

iii. Highly contaminated surfaces.

Add 1litre of Lix Bleach to 5litres of water.

iv. Patients clothes, linen, etc. (whitening)

Add 500ml of Lix Bleach to 5 liters of water.

v. Colour Fast test

Take 2 capfuls of the Lix Bleach to 5ml of clean water. Apply to the linen, check after 1minute then rinse.

Available in: 20ltrs and 5ltrs.

Available in

5ltrs I 20ltrs


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