Elesept Toilet cleaner is a sweet scented detergent combining tough stain removing and germ killing ability. It is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses almost instantly. Elesept toilet cleaner is available in pine and lavender scents that leave the toilet fresh and clean removing the bad odour.


i. Open the cap. Direct the bottle nozzle under the rim of the toilet bowl
ii. Squeeze the cleaner around and under the rim of the toilet bowl.
iii. Spread the toilet cleaner with a brush to cover the whole toilet bowl.
iv. Leave for about 10 minutes then brush with a toilet brush
v. Flush with water and repeat the process of necessary.


Do not mix with bleach product or any other cleaning products.

Do not use steel wire to clean the toilet bowl.

Available in: 750ml, 500ml and 200ml


Lix chlorine bleach 3.5% is used on linen to whiten and brighten whites by removing stubborn stains. Lix contains 3.5% w/v Sodium Hypochlorite when packed. Lix can also be used for general cleaning or to disinfect surfaces, toilets, bathtubs and for purifying water.


i. General cleaning:

Add 20caps (100ml) of Lix Bleach into 10litres of water. Use this solution to clean every part in the house that requires high standards of hygiene from the kitchen walls, floors, showers, counters, fridges.

ii. Laundry and linen:

Add 1 cap (5 ml) of Lix Bleach to 10litres of warm soapy water. Soak clothes for about 10minutes. Wash as usual. Lix is suitable for machine wash.

iii. Toilet, drainage and bathtubs

Pour undiluted Lix Bleach into toilets, drains & bath tubs. Leave for some time then flush.

iv. Utensils and cutlery

To sanitize and remove discoloration in utensils and cutlery soak in Lix bleach solution and rinse thoroughly with water.

v. Color fast test

Take 500ml of clean water add 2 capfuls of Lix Bleach and apply to an inside part of linen. Check after 1 minute then rinse.

vi. Purify water

Allow particles to settle then add 2 full caps (10ml) of Lix Bleach to 20 litres of water. Mix thoroughly. Cover and leave to stand for 1 hour before use.

Available in: 20ltrs, 5ltrs, 1ltr, 750ml, 500ml, 250ml and 70ml


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