Elesept Toilet cleaner is a sweet scented detergent combining tough stain removing and germ killing ability. It is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses almost instantly. Elesept toilet cleaner is available in pine and lavender scents that leave the toilet fresh and clean removing the bad odour.


i. Open the cap. Direct the bottle nozzle under the rim of the toilet bowl
ii. Squeeze the cleaner around and under the rim of the toilet bowl.
iii. Spread the toilet cleaner with a brush to cover the whole toilet bowl.
iv. Leave for about 10 minutes then brush with a toilet brush
v. Flush with water and repeat the process of necessary.


Do not mix with bleach product or any other cleaning products.

Do not use steel wire to clean the toilet bowl.

Available in: 750ml, 500ml and 200ml


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