It is an antimicrobial hand wash soap that is specially formulated with neutral pH, a nice refreshing fragrance and well balanced ingredients friendly to all skin types to effectively clean and freshens hands.

Directions: Apply Sepit Hand wash to your hands, lather and rub gently to remove all the dirt. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.


If Sepit antibacterial hand wash accidentally gets in the eyes rinse with clean water.
Keep away from children.

Available in: 20ltrs. 5ltrs and 500ml

d) Sepit Surface sanitizer


Sepit surface sanitizer is an effective alcohol based sanitizer that provides a quick anti-microbial action. It is very effective against bacteria, virus, yeast & fungi on the surfaces.Sepit Surface Sanitizer contains 80% Denatured Alcohol.

Used for sanitizing & cleansing frequently touched surfaces like door knobs, table tops, chairs and benches, kitchen worktops, fridges, chopping boards, toys, toilet seats and mats.

Available in: 5ltr and 500ml.


Sepit Antiseptic & sanitizer is a powerful general purpose antiseptic & disinfectant for personal healthcare, domestic, healthcare facilities, hospitals & clinics.

Is an antiseptic that is effective against 99.9% of all micro-organisms. Can be added to bathing water, used to dress wounds as well as disinfecting surfaces.

Dilution Instructions:

i. Sterilization of equipment & instruments: 70-100ml per litre of water.
ii. Surgical instruments sterilization: 70-100ml per litre of water.
iii. First aid and hospitals: Burns bites and cuts: 5-10ml in 200ml of water or neat.
iv. Spraying/wiping (aerial disinfection) of operating theatres, booths & rooms: 10ml in 200ml of water.

Available in: 5ltrs, 1ltr, 500ml, 250ml, 125ml and 50ml.


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