Cerrazo cleaner Ultra is a special product for cleaning ceramic, marble & surfaces whose shine has been dulled by scum/soiling over a long period of time or continued use of hard water. When properly applied Cerrazo cleaner (ultra) will help restore the surface to the original shine. Cerrazo cleaner Ultra could be used on all ceramic tiled surfaces in homes, hospitals & public places. Cerrazo cleaner (ultra) would easily remove tough stains on urinals, bathrooms, sinks, toilet bowls which have proved difficult to clean with Cerrazo Regular.


i. Apply/spread Cerrazo Cleaner (ultra) neat (undiluted) with a brush to the heavily stained surfaces e.g. hardened cement stains, hard water (from borehole) stains and scrub thoroughly with a brush, plastic mesh, or machine scrubber.
ii. If slightly stained, use 1ltr into 3ltr water or as may be desired depending on the degree of staining, keep spreading /scrubbing until stains come off. Rinse well with clean water.

Used for removing very stubborn stains on the ceramic tiles.

Precaution: Use rubber hand gloves & protective gear is advised as well as the use of a face mask is encouraged.

Available in: 20ltrs, 5ltrs, 1ltr and 500ml.

Available in

100ml I 500ml I 1ltr I 5ltrs I 20ltrs


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