Elesol drain cleaner (Powder) is ideal to unblock drains, sink and toilet bowls in homes, hotels and institutions. It also helps in clearing blockages caused by fats and waste from the kitchen, bathrooms and main drain pipes.


i. Pour directly on the blockage while stirring with a wooden stock/ plastic
ii. Or Pour slowly 1kg into 3ltrs of water, stirring and pour into the blocked drain.
iii. Allow for about 5-10 minutes.
iv. Rinse off with plenty of water to clear the drain.


a. Wear protective gear for the acne, hands & body.
b. Use only stainless steel & PVC equipment.
c. Do not apply on aluminium and brass materials.

Available in: 5kg, 1kg and 500gms

Available in

500gms I 1kg I 5kg I 20kg


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